The Best Wall Heaters for Any Type of Space


Looking for a way to stay warm this winter? Consider using a wall heater. Electric wall heaters are an ideal source of heat that warms spaces quickly and efficiently. Simply turn them on and you'll enjoy a warmer environment in no time.

So where do you use a wall heater? Wall heaters are ideal for individual spaces. The size of the wall heater and the motor wattage determines the amount of heat you'll receive. But typically, wall heaters are designed to warm any space from a bathroom to a garage or factory.

In this article we've tried to explain how electric wall heaters can be a great addition to any space. So whatever your heating needs are this is a great option.

Wall Heater Varieties

Wall Heaters for Your Garage:

If you need a garage heater, something to eliminate the cold this winter, consider installing an electric wall heater. These spaces aren't typically connected to your home's central heating system. On top of that they're not usually insulated and the large garage doors let cold air seep in. So a garage can get very cold during the fall and winter months. A wall heater is the perfect option and here's why:


Wall Heaters for Your Warehouse/Factory:

In the winter, factories can be extremely cold. Workers aren't as productive when they can barely move cold fingers. Electric wall heaters allow your employees to stay productive. They're an ideal heating option that will cut through the cold in a quick, efficient manner.

Wall Heaters for Your Home:

Wall Heater 2

An in-home wall heater will eliminate the winter chill in no time. Place one near a window to counteract the cold air that is seeping in. There are also models small enough to place underneath cabinets. You'll no longer have to bundle up with covers in a room that doesn't have an even distribution of heat. Here are some more benefits:

Outdoor Wall Heaters:

Outdoor wall heaters also known as wall mounted patio heaters are perfect for heating backyard patios. So if you enjoy the outdoors but find it too cold to sit outside, install a patio wall heater. It will keep you feeling toasty even in the colder months so you can extend your outdoor season. Check out the other great benefits:

Heating Options

Wall heaters offer a number of heating options. Radiant heat provides warmth without moving the air. Convection heat exchanges cold air for warm air. And micathermic heat combines air exchange and radiant heat.

Convection heat is ideal for factory or garage heating. And radiant heat is perfect for patio heating. Your choice of heater should be based on the type of heat desired and where you plan to install it.

Which Wall Heater Variety is Right for You?

Clearly there are a variety of wall heaters to choose from, so consider your needs before selecting one.

You might want room ventilation, if so then a convection wall heater is the perfect choice. Or you might prefer radiant heat that simply warms the air around you without providing ventilation. Still, you might fancy both. Micathermic technology offers both convection and radiant heat in one package.

All of these wall heaters are effective. They provide enough heat to warm spaces quickly and easily.

Worried about installation? An electric wall unit is easy to install. Some models simply mount on a wall or ceiling while others are recessed in the wall. Regardless of the design, installation is simple, and most varieties include mounting brackets to make the process even simpler.


So Why Invest in a Wall Heater?

So Many Benefits:

Just to Recap

Need to warm indoor spaces like a bathroom, bedroom, or den then choose an in-home wall heater. There are multiple varieties available, all of which are guaranteed to meet your needs.

Are you planning on outdoor entertaining? Perhaps you're arranging a New Years Eve party? Install a patio wall heater to keep you and your guests feeling warm. A patio wall heater is a terrific way to allow guests to mingle in and out of the house.

Maybe you need to warm a garage or workspace. If so, there are a variety of options available. There's no need for you or anyone else to endure a cold working environment. Installing a wall heater makes workspaces comfortable.

Whatever your needs, a wall heater will meet them.

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