G73 Garage Heater
NewAir G73 Electric Garage Heater
  • - Perfect for garages, warehouses & much more!
  • - Wall/ceiling mount included
  • - Free heater offer!
"I have an 1120 sq. ft. 3car garage. It is well insulated. I bought a NewAir G73 a few weeks ago to try it after reading the reviews. It worked so well that I bought another one knowing that together they would heat my garage sufficiently. - - they do better than that!! At 25 deg. outside temp. they heat the garage to 70 deg. on the #4 setting - - MANY THANKS!!"
- Ron Z.
Flatwoods, KY
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Tip of the Day

Fast Facts: What You Need to Know About Your Wall Heater

When it comes to safety, no other heating option can compare to a wall heater. They are compact and space-saving, making them ideal in rooms where having a heater on the floor becomes a safety hazard. They're also good options for areas where floor space is limited, such as bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and nurseries.

What are My Installation Options?

These heating systems are also able to provide a large amount of heat and, of course, they're extremely easy to install. They can be directly mounted onto a wall or recessed into a wall. Although you can't use the floor directly in front of a wall heater because of clearance requirements, your living area will be visually empty.

How Far Do They Cover?

They come in both 120V and 240V versions, with the latter providing enough heat to cover larger areas and living spaces up to 400 square feet.

How Do They Work?

In terms of how they work, most wall heaters rely on a fan to pass air over the internal heating element. This speeds up the airflow and heats up the room more quickly. Although the use of a fan means that these units are also noisier than infrared and convection heaters, many of the newer models now come with advanced fans that lower front panel temperatures while significantly reducing noise. Many also usually come with adjustable thermostats to help optimize customization and maximize comfort.

What Safety Features Are Included?

Like other types of heating options, wall heaters come with many safety features to help reduce the risk of accidents and to keep the heaters in great condition for years of use. A built-in thermal cut out feature disconnects the power in case of overheating to preserve the life of the unit while keeping you and your family safe. An automatic reset function shuts the unit off and turns it back on when it experiences any problems. Most units also come with a fan delay switch, which prevents unheated air from being discharged to help you save on energy costs. Plus, most are UL-, CUL-, or ETL-certified, making them safe to use in homes, offices, and even businesses.

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