Low Watt Heaters

Add heat to a small room or office with a low-watt underdesk heater! These units are extremely efficient and provide a great amount of heat without using too much energy. Click here to learn more about electric heaters!
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  • 1500 watts
  • Wall mountable design
  • Includes a digital thermostat
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Soleus HGW-308R Micathermic Heater

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What are low-watt under desk electric heaters used for?

Our selection of safeunder desk electric heaters is the perfect office heat solution. All of these products are low wattheaters, meaning that they use less than 500 watts - making them less likely to blow fuses. This feature is extremely important with office heating because of the large amount of energy already being used by computers. Our low watt foot heating matsare also great additions to any office; units like the Indus CL electric foot heater can transfer heat into your body through your feet! Foot heaters are also very beneficial during rainy or snow days - they dry your feet within minutes! Other heating units like the RedCore 15602 infrared electric fireplace, Dimplex CS3311 electric fireplaceand other electric fireplace heaters provide warmth in small home offices while adding an aesthetic touch with their realistic log and flame sets.