Dayton L5600 Electric Shop and Garage Heater
Suitable for Rooms Up to 500 Square Feet and Features a Power Indicator Light for Easy Use

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The Dayton L5600 electric shop and garage heater can deliver up to 19,110 BTUs of power on an astonishing 240 volts! What more can you ask for from a portable little heater like the L5600? Heat up to 500 square feet of living space with the L5600 and its fabulous features, including:

Safety Measures
The L5600 has an overheat safety protection feature that keeps it from overheating. You are safe with the L5600 because it also has an automatic overheat shut-off feature.

Dayton Quality
The L5600 is constructed out of high-quality materials and includes a permanently lubricated motor, meaning that maintaining the L5600 is easy and simple! It also features UL and CUL compliances to keep you ultra-safe.

Advantages Over Propane
Propane heaters use up a non-renewable source and electricity comes from a variety of sources, including renewable sources. Electricity can be generated by solar power plants, hydroelectric power plants, and even windmills.

If you need quick and easy heating without the need of a total insulation overhaul, the Dayton L5600 is your answer. If you need a garage heater or have guests staying over during the winter months, don't subject them to a chilly night! Purchase a L5600 today!


  • Model: L5600
  • Product Type: Electric Heater
  • Product Dimensions: 11.00 x 10.50 x 9.75
  • Product Weight: 20.00
  • Product Color: Red
  • Application: For heating garages, construction job sites, warehouses, and workshops
  • Warranty: 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Watts: 5600 watts
  • Amps: 30 amps
  • Certifications: UL
  • Heating Capacity: 19110 BTUs
  • Heating Method: Fan-Forced
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Air Flow: 236 CFM
  • Adjustable Louvers: No
  • Installation Type: Plug-In
  • Built-In Thermostat: Yes
  • Thermostat Type: Single Pole
  • Wall Mountable: No
  • Ceiling Mountable: No
  • Temperature Range: 45-95° F
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Yes
  • Carrying Handle: Yes
  • Includes Plug: Yes
  • Plug Type: 240V Plug
  • Power Cord Length: 6
  • Alarm: No
  • Automatic Temperature Control: No
  • Fan Delay Function: No


  • Includes a manufacturer's warranty for a full year
  • Boasts up to 19,110 BTUs of heating power
  • Power indicator light allows you to see that the unit is turned on
  • Thermostat makes it easy to set temperatures
  • Featured in a vibrant, stylish red color
  • Permanently lubricated motor means less maintenance is required

Real Customer Testimonials

4.9 Star Rating: Good

Greenup, KY
This heater for its size and design puts out plenty of BTU's of heat; if your area is well insulated I see no problem of it heating a 500 square foot space thoroughly. I used it to heat a 375 square foot area and it's not well insulated and it's done the job when the temperatures are in the mid 40's, not sure how it's going to do on the bitter cold days but I'm sure it will keep the space warm enough to tolerate to stay in the area. If you're well insulated this heater will do the job.

K. Mosby
Levittown, PA
I give this an excellent rating. It heats up my 2.5 bay garage nicely when it's 10 degrees outside. My garage walls are insulated. I already have recommended it to friends. It's great for those with a 240 volt outlet for a clothes dryer.

C. Burtnette
Hampton, VA
I bulid boats for a hobby and I am using the heater to heat my garage. It works great. The garage is warm enough to work in no time. Had my electrician come out and put in an outlet, no problem.

Rochester, NY
These heaters are very light weight making them easy to relocate as job site conditions dictate. We have been able to maintain the specified environmental conditions allowing the project to progress even with outside temperatures dipping into the low teens. These heaters have exceeded my expectations.

R. Roble
Latrobe, PA
Heats my 20x 13 shop, should have bought it sooner.

W. Cecil
Carmel, IN
I use the L5600 in my 320 sq. ft. wood working shop in central Indiana; On the lowest setting it maintains 55 degrees and quickly warms to 70 degrees when needed, although the shop is well insulated. I recommend this heater.

Rochester, NY
This was a restoration project that due to the tight schedule required the work to continue through the winter months. Temporary enclosures were constructed at the 19th and 20th floors on the exterior of the buildings. The Dayton heaters were light weight and easy to set up at the various locations. They were able to maintain the specified temperatures so that the project could move forward.

M. Blackman
Chicago, IL
I purchased the Dayton Heater after reading several of the reviews, and have been completely satisfied. I tend to work in my garage a lot, and now that the kids have a universal work-out weight system it has been a great and convenient way of heating the garage. I can't wait until winter when I can really put the Dayton L5600 Heater to the test.

Uniontown, OH
I used my Dayton heater for the 1st time last Sunday. I turned it on about an hour before I went out to the garage and it was comfortable with just a sweatshirt. I'll be using it a lot since I am upgrading my brakes on a classic car.

Marlton, NJ
Heater is exactly what was advertised, works very well, compact and has the temp setting so it turns off and on so you can get steady temp. I use it in my two car garage.