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Lux TX9100E Smart Temp Digital Programmable Thermostat
Features 7 Day Programming For Unique Heating and Cooling Schedules on Every Day of the Week

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When using heating and cooling systems, a great way to save energy and money is a programmable thermostat. The Lux TX9100E Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat can be used with almost every home heating and cooling system, even heat pumps. The TX9100E also comes with these advanced features:

Variable Heating and Cooling Schedules: 7 day programming means that every day can have a unique heating and cooling schedule. This is a great programming option for people with variable work and life schedules.

Frustration-Free Programming: A user-friendly speed dial that is exclusive to Lux thermostats is included. Many people do not even need programming instructions when using the speed dial.

Not Just Basic Controls: Special programming features including a programmable keypad lock, temporary temperature override and special holiday or vacation programming is included.

Battery or System Powered: Variable power sources can be used to make sure the TX9100E is compatible with your home.


Features and Specifications:

  • Model: Lux TX9100E
  • Product Type: Smart Temp Digital Programmable Thermostat
  • Product Color: White
  • Programs: 7 days, 4 periods per day
  • For Use On: Most 24 volt heating and A/C systems, single-stage heating and cooling, multi-stage heating and single stage cooling, heat pumps with auxiliary heat, operates heating only systems, operates cooling only systems, furnace (forced air systems), central air conditioning systems, heat pumps without auxiliary heat, 2-wire hydronic (hot water baseboard and radiators) systems, 3-wire zone valve hydronic (hot water) systems, 750 millivolt systems (wall heaters/gas fireplaces)
  • Not For Use On: Line voltage (120/240 VAC) electric baseboard heat
  • Warranty: 3 years limited
  • Features universal system compatibility
  • Can have a different program for every day of the week
  • Only uses energy when it is needed
  • Easy programming facilitated by exclusive Lux Speed Dial
  • Features Quick Copy Programming
  • Has a large, blue electro luminescent display
  • Safeguard your settings with programmable keypad lock
  • Can set special programs for holidays for vacations


  • For easier programming, a user-friendly, patented Lux speed dial is featured
  • A low battery warning indicator makes effective operation continuously possible
  • Can be used with most home heating and cooling systems, even heat pumps

Additional Product Information

Lux TX9100E Owner's Manual

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