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Portable Electric Shop & Garage Heater - Up To 4,000 Watts
SALE $139.95 Click to see more electric heater Info!

Heat large areas with a small portable heater. Built in thermostat - 240 volts - 20 amps. 4,000 watts of portable electric heating power in a 17 pound heater! TOP Selling Garage Heater / Shop Heater - - Click to see 3 different power options up to 5600 watts!!!
Portable Electric Garage Heater By Dayton Heating
SALE $289.95 Click to see more portable electric garage heater Info!

For primary or supplemental heating in factories, stories, garages, warehouses and any other utility heating need. TOP Selling Garage Heater / Shop Heater - Over 17,000 BTU of HEATING
Powerful Electric Garage Heater by Q Mark Heating - 12,000 BTU
$439.95 SALE $349.95 Click For More Utility Heater Info

This Heavy-Duty Portable Electric Garage Heater is ideal as primary, supplementary, or spot, heating for construction heating, workshop heating, or as a garage heater. Up to 17,000 BtuH of portable electric heating power at 30 amps! Do it all portable garage heater / utility heater.
Electric shop Heater By QMark Heating - 5,120 BTU
SALE $49.99 Click to see more electric heater Info!

High performance electric heater with 1,000 and 1,500 watt settings. Adjustable, automatic thermostat with safety overload

 Dimplix Garage Heater


Dimplex Garage Heater - Garage heater for areas up to 400 square feet.  240 volt, 4000 watt garage heater.

SALE $199.95

 QMARK unit garage heater - Click for more information on this shop and garage heater.

Dayton Electric Garage Portable Heater - Shop Heater - Over 13,600 BTUh of portable electric garage or shop heating - L4000

Sale Price: $139.95

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